Aeropress PuckPuck Cold drip attachment

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PUCKPUCK Cold Brew Adapter and Water Vessel for Aeropress

The PuckPuck has been designed to turn your existing Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker into a cold brew drip tower! A super inexpensive option for cold brew coffee lovers, the PuckPuck Aeropress adaptor helps you to create delicious cold brew wherever you go, without compromising on the great taste of slow drip coffee.


The PuckPuck uses a standard mineral water screw thread, allowing you to use the bottled mineral water as part of your setup. This option is perfect for office use, travelling and camping. Alternatively, you can use the 500ml PuckPuck vessel, which uses the same thread, and looks great. With the patent-pending twist valve, you can control the drip flow rate with the seamless adjustment control, for that perfect flow rate for your brew.